The Company

IhndiFolks Fusion is a Private Limited Company incorporated with Ministry of the Corporate Affairs, Government of India under the Non-Govt class of the Companies. The company’s registered office address is Habib Ullah Nagar, Shiv Shanti Nagar Rae Bareli – 229001, Uttar Pradesh, India.

The Origin

The traditions and cultural values of India are collectively based on diversified and unique cultures of all religions and communities in different parts of India. India is so diverse in terms of religion, languages, food, way of living, architecture, and customs. Indian culture and traditions are the true fusion of several cultures and traditions developed in different parts of India from the ancient to the modern age and truly influenced by several millennia-old histories. India’s diverse cultural and traditional values have not only impacted profoundly its surroundings but the whole world. The true cultural and traditional values of great India are being faded with the industrialization and modernization of the world, and its youngsters are forgetting its richest and the most diverse folks. True India lives-in and lives-with its traditions, its culture, and its values. With these things in mind Mrs. Aakanksha Singh, who is a true homemaker, and an Indian traditional fashion and creativity enthusiast, decided to start a platform to showcase the great traditional and cultural values not only to its youth n oldies, but to the whole world. Very humbly she started the IhndiFolks Fusion on 6th March 2020 from a very small city of Uttar Pradesh the most diversified state of India.

Vision and Mission


To promote the true Indian Traditional, Cultural, and Heritage values by the make in India, and made in India and to connect the Indian folks with the modern world, by the business to buy, sell, import, export, manufacture, promote, operate, packing, assembling, marketing of products related to the rural cottage, handicraft, homemade items and articles (including wearing apparels and jewellery), handlooms, cosmetics, art-and-craft, rural agro foods, cottage, handicrafts, village industries, handloom goods, sandalwood, ivory-works, coir products, engravings, sculptures, bronzes, enamels, jewellery, gems, coins medals and other works of art and the like hitherto be carried on by the handcrafts emporium and allied items.


To carry on in India or elsewhere the business to establish, promote, encourage, provide, sponsor, organise, maintain, operate and run handicraft centers, art & craft showroom, handloom, and homemade products and to carry on the business as manufacturers, importers, exporters, processors, producers, agents, buyers, sellers, distributors, stockists, whole-sellers, retailers, designers, job work or otherwise deal in all sorts of articles or things as may be necessary for the attainment of the aforesaid objects of the company and to conduct classes, seminars, exhibitions, demonstrations, education and training programs in the field of handicrafts and homemade items.